Independent TV HD

Independent TV offer only next generation HD set top boxes.
Enjoy TV in HD like never before. TV viewing in High Definition (HD) is much better than Standard Definition (SD). Independent TV has built its STBs with HEVC technology and digital surround system. It provides 1080i & 1080p picture resolution and 16:9 wide aspect ratio.
Digital Picture - Crystal clear picture with MPEG-4/HEVC Technology.
Digital Sound - True theatre sound with awesome CD quality.

Special feature of Independent TV STB

PVR with external capacity of 500 GB.
Time-shift function which enable Play/Pause the live content.
MPEG-4/ HEVC technology.
Multi Audio selection.
HDMI interface for high quality Audio-Video display.
1080i & 1080p picture resolution.
16:9 wide aspect ratio.

Other reasons to love us

Guide: 7 days advance Programme Guide with description
Mini Guide: Lists all available channels and displays information about the selected program at the bottom of the screen.
Parental Control: Enables to lock a channel, Block programs based on their content rating & Can be unlocked only by using your unique PIN.
Reminders: Don’t miss a program. View all reminders from the Reminders list. Onscreen alert pop-up message displayed when program is about to start.
Single remote to control your TV and Set-top Box.

Disclaimer :
Unlimited recording implies that customer can use multiple external storage devices like USB / External Hard disk to create his own library. Image of the STB and its related components shown are for illustration purpose only and may differ from the actual product that the customer may get.
Due to continuous R & D, the features of the models may change without prior notice. Image of the product shown is for illustration purpose only and may differ from the actual product that the customer may get. Cost inclusive of all applicable taxes. Packages & prices subject to change without any prior notice. Product features may vary from model to model, if any launched by the company in due course of time. Product owned and marketed by Independent TV limited. The DTH services are provided by Independent TV limited subject to terms and conditions of Subscriber Agreement.